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Disclosure out now!



After five singles, which have made powerful desire for more, Phoam released their debut album "Disclosure" on May 12, 2023. Although the band has only been active since 2020, their debut single "Cold Blood" won the "Best Original Song" award at the International Music Video Awards in London in 2021, as well as other awards and nominations for the music video of the same song. The released singles have already been played on numerous radios in Switzerland and Germany.

The four musicians from Basel (Richard Wipf - vocals, Luca Schürch - guitar, Jeroen van Vulpen - keys, and Sanjiv Channa - drums) know what they're doing. They've been making music together in various formations for almost 13 years, playing over 300 concerts and releasing an album and two EPs. "With Phoam, we've finally found our sound: Coldpop," explains Jeroen.

Phoam blends synth-pop, electronic, and rock into expressive tracks that are melancholic, dark, and bursting with energy. They're not afraid to combine modern beats with soul and incorporate surprisingly playful elements like piano or xylophone. The polarizing elements reflect the band's inner conflict, powerfully and compellingly executed.

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